Motivational Poster Maker Pro

Motivational Poster Maker

Finally there is a way to create professional grade motivational style posters! With Motivational Poster Maker you can create high quality motivational poster prints using your own photos and witty expressions. Only Motivational Poster Maker allows you to set up any custom size and builds your poster using specified options to fit the exact frame you need. Build your motivatioanal posters in inches, centimeters and even fit to specific screen sizes to make perfect wallpaper backgrounds for your Windows desktop. Full 300dpi resolution supported for picture perfect posters!

Whether you are making motivational posters for your friends and family or for professional purposes you will find Motivational Poster Maker the easiest tool to use with the most features. No need for expensive tools like Photoshop! Load your picture, add your title and caption and your done! You can add titles to the top and bottom of the poster and all the borders are adjustable so you can get the exact look you need for your motivational poster.

Motivational Poster Maker Professional is only $24.95. If you do not need the additional features you can still get the standard edition of Motivational Poster Maker for $9.99. You can buy either online now and use it immediately!

Curious about the quality? Click the links below the sample here to see how the 7"x5" poster looks at 150dpi and 300dpi.

150DPI  -  300DPI

ImageElements Motivational Poster Maker preselects the area you need to create the poster size you want. Drag the selection box to what you want to display and hit refresh. You supply the captions and that is really all there is to creating the perfect poster.

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Motivational Poster Maker

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Pro vs. Standard

There are features included in the Professional Edition that are not available in the Standard Edition which include:

300dpi resolution - 300dpi gives your posters better clarity for high resolution posters. The Std. Edition only allows 150dpi.
Border Options - Allows you to adjust the dimensions of the posters outer borders
Top Title - Allows titles to be added to the top border of the poster.
Tiled Border Image - Allows you to apply a tiled image to the border giving it a unique look.

Software Info...

Unless otherwise stated all tools on this site operate only on Windows operating system.

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